Tuesday 24 November 2015


Celebrating the Global Entrepreneurship Week

On 21st November, 2015, Infinity Chocolate Products proudly shared its achievements with the students, parents and teachers of JM International School.

The show commenced with a small presentation highlighting our voyage so far. After which, students shared their experiences, challenges, joys and learnings with the audience. 

Here, take a look at it!!

The winners of the intra class competitions that we had organized also spoke out their hearts with respect to the competitions and their happiness at winning the same.

We had also requested a few parents to express their views about Infinity Chocolate Products and School Enterprise Challenge as customers as well as those who had seen their children evolve through the journey.

As we shared our achievements with one and all, we were highly appreciated by our Principal ma'am, Coordinator ma'am as well as parents.

It has truly been a fantastic journey so far, and we can't wait to don the hat of an entrepreneurship again next year!

Monday 19 October 2015

Winner of the Intra School Logo Competition

As we announced our entry into the mini competition of School Enterprise Challenge (read LOGO competition), we gave away an award for appreciating the winner at the morning assembly recently.

Ayushi Maurya of class XII received a certificate and a gift voucher worth Rs. 300 from ASKME.COM!! The logo she created was truly magnificent.

Here's a picture of our elated winner as she accepts her award from our respected Principal, Ms. Anuradha Govind.

Friday 2 October 2015

The Logo Mini Competition

Here we go. Another stimulating and enthralling mini competition was recently announced by SEC, and we are more than thrilled to submit our entry for the same!

Branding is what makes or breaks a product. Keeping its essence in mind, Ayushi Maurya, from class 12th designed a self explanatory logo, to appeal to our consumers. She won the Intra-School logo making competition hosted by Infinity Chocolate Products, as her design matched our vision appositely. The logo carries the symbol of ‘Infinity’, which highlights the multitude of products that can be created using chocolate. It also emphasizes the sempiternity of skill, craft and talent we learn in the process of becoming successful entrepreneurs. The symbol also stresses on the infinite career options that lie ahead of us as we learn the craft of running a business. 

The caption “Settle till Infinity” further delves into the divine taste of our products that satiate the sweet tooth of many.

As we eagerly await the result of the logo competition, we are keeping our fingers crossed.. Hoping to leave a lasting impression on all through our sincere efforts!!

Tuesday 15 September 2015

A glimpse from our busy day @ work!

Hello dear readers, customers, friends and fans!!

Here's a quick view into one of our daily routines at Infinity. We make and pack chocolates everyday, most of which are sold in the school premises itself. 

Students from our sales team, are seen here setting up the kiosk in school, and selling Infinity chocolates with ease and panache.

Students from Sales team putting up the stall at school

The enthusiastic students surrounding the kiosk to take a bite of their favourite Infinity Chocolate

An extremely pleased and satiated customer!
It is indeed pleasurable to watch our fellow students indulge in the sweetness of our goodies, and praise our efforts alongside. Cheers to Team Infinity!

Sunday 13 September 2015

Packing is fun!

Presenting a few glimpses from a day where we pack our goodies before they are sold to satiate our customers' sweet tooth.

It is a delight to pack the chocolates in vibrant colours, and it won't be unfair to say, the aroma makes us drool as well!

Friday 28 August 2015

Ringing in RAKHI with a bang.. DAY 2!!

Setting up the stall at Mahalxmi Apartments
We never thought our pre-RAKHI kiosks will be such a hit with the customers. With a very successful stint at the Ministry of External Affairs Housing Complex, we tried our luck with selling at Mahalaxmi Apartments in Sector 2, Dwarka.
Our very enthusiastic customers
It is needless to say that we were a huge success with one and all, with people from all age groups coming to our stall and buying gift packs in great numbers. Some people were extremely kind to compliment us for the taste of the chocolates, and for appreciating our efforts.

We are surely looking forward to receive more orders from the residents of Mahalaxmi Apartments.

Thursday 27 August 2015

Ringing in Rakhi with a bang - DAY 1

Setting up the counter

We decided to put up kiosks at different locations in Dwarka to sell gift packs of Infinity Chocolate products, just a few days prior to Raksha Bandhan.

Setting up the kiosk

In India, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm to celebrate love between brothers and sisters. And there could be no better way to celebrate it, but with a box of Infinity chocolates!

Our very first expedition at selling Infinity Chocolate Products was a grand success. The students put up a stall at Ministry of External Affairs Housing Complex, Sector 2, Dwarka, New Delhi.

We sent out handmade pamphlets to the residents of the society, made on recycled paper, to inform them about our presence. 

Customers buying our gift packs
She came, she saw, she bought, and
delighted she was!! A delighted little customer..
We were enthralled to see such a fantastic response by all, as they came to have a look at our stall in large numbers. It was delightful to inform people about the School Enterprise Challenge, and Infinity Chocolate Products. 

All our buyers were ecstatic to know how we are running our enterprise, and wished us luck for our endeavor as they purchased their pack of goodies.

We also gave out messages on recycled paper, to our consumers, requesting them to save the environment.