Friday, 28 August 2015

Ringing in RAKHI with a bang.. DAY 2!!

Setting up the stall at Mahalxmi Apartments
We never thought our pre-RAKHI kiosks will be such a hit with the customers. With a very successful stint at the Ministry of External Affairs Housing Complex, we tried our luck with selling at Mahalaxmi Apartments in Sector 2, Dwarka.
Our very enthusiastic customers
It is needless to say that we were a huge success with one and all, with people from all age groups coming to our stall and buying gift packs in great numbers. Some people were extremely kind to compliment us for the taste of the chocolates, and for appreciating our efforts.

We are surely looking forward to receive more orders from the residents of Mahalaxmi Apartments.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Ringing in Rakhi with a bang - DAY 1

Setting up the counter

We decided to put up kiosks at different locations in Dwarka to sell gift packs of Infinity Chocolate products, just a few days prior to Raksha Bandhan.

Setting up the kiosk

In India, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm to celebrate love between brothers and sisters. And there could be no better way to celebrate it, but with a box of Infinity chocolates!

Our very first expedition at selling Infinity Chocolate Products was a grand success. The students put up a stall at Ministry of External Affairs Housing Complex, Sector 2, Dwarka, New Delhi.

We sent out handmade pamphlets to the residents of the society, made on recycled paper, to inform them about our presence. 

Customers buying our gift packs
She came, she saw, she bought, and
delighted she was!! A delighted little customer..
We were enthralled to see such a fantastic response by all, as they came to have a look at our stall in large numbers. It was delightful to inform people about the School Enterprise Challenge, and Infinity Chocolate Products. 

All our buyers were ecstatic to know how we are running our enterprise, and wished us luck for our endeavor as they purchased their pack of goodies.

We also gave out messages on recycled paper, to our consumers, requesting them to save the environment.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Anouncing our arival.. The Green Way!

Being empathetic towards the environment, we at Infinity Chocolate Products, are using recycled sheets to promote ourselves. As a conscious marketing strategy, we have created pamphlets on handmade recycled sheets, informing the residents of nearby localities about our kiosks in their areas a few days prior to Rakhi. Do take a look at our brainchild!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Going GREEN!!

Our school is soon organizing a workshop for students from various schools across Delhi. The invites for the same were sent out today.

As a conscious effort to keep our planet green, our school sent out these invites on recycled papers. Doing so, not only felt satisfying as we inched a step closer to conserving our trees, but also sent out a strong message to others to follow suit!

Hence, Infinity's drive to keep our planet clean and green has been absorbed by our school too, which fills our hearts with pride.

We hope our small steps of change, with respect to conservation of our planet, will bring about a huge revolution in the global community!


Monday, 17 August 2015

Celebrating Independence Day with Infinity!!

Our school ardently celebrated the 69th Independence Day of India on 14th August, 2015. We had several beautiful cultural performances along with the flag hoisting ceremony.

Our guests for the day were Ms. Sandhya Kaul and Ms. Ghanapriya Elangbam from the Tony Blair Face to Faith Foundation. We proudly presented Infinity Chocolate products to our esteemed guests and school dignitaries, who were delighted to hear about our venture and seemed delighted receiving a gift hamper.

We are extremely happy to leave a mark on all through our efforts! Here's a quick sneak peak into the pictures of our distinguished guests receiving a pack of Infinity Chocolate Products!!

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Happiness is.. Sharing Infinity Chocolates!

Our school recently celebrated the Investiture Ceremony, where the new student council members were delegated with their responsibilities. 

Our chief guest for the occasion was Mr. Rajesh Kumar Dogra, the SHO Police, Dwarka.

We, from Infinity Chocolate Products, apprised our guests about School Enterprise Challenge, and our brand too.

They were also presented with a small hamper containing some of our yummilicious products. Our revered guests were amazed at our efforts, and congratulated us for the same.

The appreciation was indeed satisfying, and it triggered our energies to work even harder!!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Keeping the fervour alive!


We are not leaving any stone unturned as entrpreneurs. 

An inter-class elocution competition was held for classes VI to X. The topic for the same was 'Health Benefits of Eating Chocolates'.

The students enthralled one and all with such diverse and varied information. Some highlighted stroke control and sharpness of mind as its advantages, while others enlightened all by sharing its benefit for skin and also as a cure for cough and cold. Impact of dark chocolates on releasing 'happy hormones' and controlling blood pressure were also shared.

Based on the presentation and content, the winners were awarded with a certificate by our respected Principal ma'am.

The competition did seem to build on children's knowledge over benefits of eating chocolates, as our sales too boosted by manifolds since the day of the elocution.

Since our chocolates are made from dark chocolates too, hence you must not refrain from them and keep indulging in it to stay healthy, fit and beautiful!

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Branding ourselves with panache!

Creating and performing an Advert for our brand

It is rightly said, "A business has only two functions, innovation and marketing".

We are through with creating and designing our product, but to reach out to a wider range of consumers, we have ad-ed (pun intended) another feather in our cap! We successfully created an innovative advertisement for Infinity Chocolate Products.

Yes, after brainstorming on unique means to advertise and market Infinity Chocolate Products, we experienced a EUREKA moment. We all conformed to the idea of performing a live ad in front of all.

But the perseverance behind ad-making deserves a mention. Right from making our script, to choosing the right student-actors to perform, designing props, and rehearsing, all of it was an eye opening yet  an enriching experience.

While we created our advertisement, we learnt that an entrepreneur not just involve in buying and selling of goods and services. There are several things that one needs to engage in. Including marketing, customer feedback, quality control, and time management too!

The School Enterprise Challenge is surely proving out to be quintessentially beneficial for us. The exposure and learning is mind boggling. We are intrigues each time we explore a new dimension of entrepreneurship, and its surely keeping us thrilled!!

Friday, 7 August 2015

Recycle fun!!

Well, running an enterprise is never a cake walk!

But, we at at Infinity Chocolate Products know how to have a gala time while we channelize our energies into something useful. Here's a sneak peak into one of our daily activities.. 

As responsible citizens of the world, we try to do out bit to keep it safe and non polluted. We sternly believe in the philosophy of 'reuse, reduce and recycle', to ensure that our planet remains clean and green!

Every time we sell a chocolate, we pack them in handmade paper bags, made out of old newspapers. And it is us, the student entrepreneurs, who make it with an aspiration of keeping our environment clean, along with leaving a strong message for all - SAVE THE PLANET!

And ofcourse, there are many advantages of the newspaper bags that we make. These are 100% reusable, recyclable and also biodegradable!!

We adore making these bags. And our pictures should answer why... It is an absolute delight!! Try using these too, it feels good!!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Sale-ing in the Seller's Boat!

Finally, the most awaited day had arrived - the day of introducing our products to the world! And may we say, we were totally like a house on fire!

We inaugurated selling Infinity Chocolate Products on 25th July, 2015. It was the same day on which our school was celebrating Aura (to showcase the budding talents of the school) and Srijan (the project expo).

A stall was put up at the reception, so each passerby could view us. Looking at us, the parents were intrigued to find out more about our products. Our first customers were indeed special, as they not only bought our products in bulk, but also supported our drive to ensure cleaner environment, as they used dustbins to throw wrappers, and happily took the packed chocolates in recycled paper carry bags.

Along with the cultural programme, parents were inducted on the School Enterprise Challenge formally. It was overwhelming to see their keenness in finding out how we started the enterprise, how we make our products and how we plan to run it ahead. It was surely a delight to answer each query as we sold our savouries to them.

The feedback we received from our customers was so satisfying. A lot of parents said they would buy our product in future for gifting, and also for satiating their sweet tooth too!

We are eager to enter the market now, as the first day of sale has boosted our confidence immensely! Wish us luck!!